Film Screening: Eva Hesse

May 1, 2017
7p, Steinberg Auditorium

German-born American artist Eva Hesse (1936–1970) was beginning to receive well-deserved critical and commercial attention when she died in 1970 at the age of 34. Eva Hesse (2016), directed by Marcie Begleiter, deepens our understanding of this extraordinary artist. With dozens of interviews, high-quality footage of Hesse’s artwork, and a wealth of newly discovered archival imagery, the documentary not only traces Hesse’s path but engages in a lively investigation into the creative community of 1960s New York and Germany.

Artists such as Carl Andre, Dan Graham, Nancy Holt, Robert and Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Richard Serra, along with Hesse’s husband, Tom Doyle, and her friend, writer Lucy Lippard, speak candidly and with great passion about the 1960s, Hesse’s work, and her life. In addition, Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate Museums, and Elisabeth Sussman, curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, share their views on Hesse’s work and legacy. The artist’s journals and correspondence provide much of the guiding narration.

Free and open to the public.