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A grant from the Aronson Foundation generously supported the initial Island Press seminars and the exhibition at the Gallery of Art. Additional funding for the Island Press exhibition and historical project was provided by the Missouri Arts Council, the Arts and Education Council, the Regional Arts Commission, the Hortense Lewin Art Fund of Washington University, the Washington University Gallery of Art, and the Washington University Department of Art History and Archaeology.

The project owes its completion to the tireless efforts of Maryanne Ellison Simmons, former Island Press Master Printer, 1996-2002, who managed to resurrect and sort out images and updated artist information and print documentation related to all aspects of the press’ history.

An initial Island Press research fellow, Victoria Durrer (M.A., Art History 2001), assisted with the exhibition seminar and helped shape the development of the emerging historical project. A subsequent research fellow, Rachel Keith (M.A., Art History 2002), completed brief biographies of the Island Press artists and oversaw the continually evolving project. Finally, Monica Friel (M.A., Art History 2003) assisted in the logistics of the website planning and the editing of the biographies and historical essays. In addition to the graduate research fellows drawn from the Department of Art History and Archaeology at Washington University, a number of students from the School of Art have proven invaluable to the completion of this project. These include: Kristin Harris (B.F.A. 2001), Amanda Verbeck (B.F.A. 2001), Sarah Pavlus (B.F.A. 2001), Jessie Van der Laan (B.F.A. 2002), and Erin McKenny (M.F.A. 2001). Thanks also go to Lisa Bulawsky, Assistant Professor of Printmaking and Drawing, Washington University School of Art.