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The producers of the Island Press website are first and foremost indebted to Peter Marcus, Professor Emeritus, Washington University School of Art and founder of Island Press; Joan Hall, Director of Island Press and Kenneth E. Hudson Professor of Art, School of Art, Washington University in St. Louis; and Jeff Pike, Dean of the School of Art, Washington University in St. Louis.

Recognition and thanks go to the former Master Printers of Island Press for providing insight and research interviews: Dan Gualdoni, 1978-1983; Howard A. Jones, 1984-1986; Kevin Garber, 1986-1996; Maryanne Ellison Simmons 1996-2002, who provided us with information and remembrances that helped us to reconstruct the history of the Press.

We would also like to express gratitude to the many visiting artists to Island Press and their respective galleries and estates for allowing their works and biographical information to be included on this website.

Special thanks also go to Casey Rae at Red Elf, Inc. in St. Louis for the exceptional photography and scanning of the individual artworks; Marilyn Kushner, Curator, Department of Prints and Drawings at the Brooklyn Museum of Art for her research and resulting essay on the history of Island Press; and the staff and student workers of the Gallery of Art, including Jane Neidhardt, Administrator, who applied her editorial, administrative, and teaching skills to many aspects of this project; Jan Hessel, Facilities Manager; Pete Kline, Security Manager; and Mary Nordmann, former Registrar.