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Considerable thanks go to the students in the Island Press exhibition seminar: Ann Burke, Lesley Fleishman, Elizabeth Giardina, Tania Hossain, Maki Muramoto, Julie Nebel, Audrey Peiper, Sarah Phares, Poul Price, Paul Roden, Nataliya Tintcheva, Natasha Wagner, Alissa Weisman; and the Island Press graduate publication seminar: William Craven, Victoria Durrer, Max Eisenstein, Erik Mace, Sara Rowe Hignite, and Holly Williams.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge Eric Bates, Jason Ryan, Paul Glenshaw, Joss Munro, Matt Pearson and Bob Brown of Cognitive Applications for their fine design and technical implementation of this website.

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy this website for both its educational value and its role as a showcase for exceptional contemporary art.

Dr. Mark Weil
E. Desmond Lee Professor for Collaboration in the Arts
Director, Washington University Sam Fox Arts Center
Director, Washington University Gallery of Art

Washington University Logo This history of Island Press is published by the Washington University Gallery of Art, a unit of the Sam Fox Arts Center, Washington University in St. Louis. Copyright August 2003

Sue Coe images appear courtesy of Galerie St Etienne