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Island Press Essay
Marilyn Kushner

Juan Sanchez
American, Born 1954
Sol y Flores Para Liora 1997
Dr. Mark Weil

It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce this website dedicated to the history and continuing innovation of Island Press, the Collaborative Print Workshop of the Washington University in St. Louis School of Art. Since its founding in 1978, Island Press has reinterpreted printmaking by expanding its creative boundaries and encouraging unique and challenging approaches to the medium. This website offers a comprehensive view of the diverse production of Island Press and its roster of prominent international artists.

My first realization of the importance of Island Press took place in spring 1999 at the St. Louis Printmarket, an event then held annually at the Washington University Gallery of Art. The Printmarket brought together many of the leading print dealers and university fine art presses from around the nation. While examining a host of first-rate prints on display at this event, I was particularly struck by the completely different nature of the Island Press prints. In many cases, artists working with the faculty and students of the Washington University School of Art’s Printmaking Department had employed nontraditional techniques as a means of producing remarkable mixed media, three-dimensional, and even one-of-a kind works of art.