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Double Ring 2

Jody Pinto

American, Born 1942

Double Ring 2 1995
Master printer - Kevin Garber
Oil-base Monoprint from felt
Size varies at 84'h x 60'w
Series of unique images
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Double Ring 2 reflects Jody Pinto’s primary interest in site-specific art. The large size of the printing press at Island Press allowed Pinto to treat printed paper as a kind of landscape. Using an experimental process, she produced a flow of color by running ink-soaked pieces of felt through the press. Felt is traditionally used only to cushion prints from the pressure of the press. The flow of color, intended to represent the Mississippi River, is used here to symbolize environmental forces that continually create and modify landscapes. Pinto and Master Printer Kevin Garber experimented with the thickness and saturation levels of the felts as well as the amount of pressure and speed with which the paper moved through the press. The organic and spontaneous quality of Double Ring 2 is dictated by the combination of these technical variations, a method Pinto referred to as "controlled chance." Pinto’s visit to Island Press was sponsored by the Women’s Society of Washington University.

From the extended texts for
Island Press: Innovation at Washington University
An exhibition held at the Washington University Gallery of Art, January 2000